The Crooked Jades – Paige Anderson and the Fearless Kin

  • July 11, 2019
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The Crooked Jadescelebrate the release of their eighth album, Bright Land, inspired by the band’s collaboration with choreographer Kate Weare, whose contemporary dances provide sharp counterpoint to the band’s old time arrangements and compositions. It’s all part of the band’s mission to reinvent old time music for the modern age, pushing boundaries and blurring categories with their repertoire of obscure rarities and beautiful originals. “This San Francisco quintet keep true to their old-time string band heart,” says the Boston Herald, “yet in subtle, weird ways, they exaggerate the slightly-crazed aura of the rural pre-radio era music. It makes for a haunting, sophisticated trip to Appalachia. Mixing originals and traditional songs flawlessly, this might be the finest band to come out of the string-band resurgence.”

Jeff Kazor, the band’s leader and founder, sings and plays guitar and harmonium, Lisa Berman sings and plays banjo and slide guitars, and Erik Pearson sings and plays harmonium and banjo. Joining the core trio tonight is Elise Engelberg of Mercury Dimes and the Black Crown String Band on fiddle and special guest Daniel Fabricant on bass, who’ll be driving the beat and bringing the signature cinematic and exotic sounds of the Crooked Jades to fruition.

Paige Anderson and the Fearless Kin  Hailing from Grass Valley California, Paige Anderson & The Fearless Kin are a fresh approach to the folk/americana/bluegrass roots scene. Originally and currently members of Anderson Family Bluegrass, Paige (18), Aimee (16), Ethan (13) and Christy Anderson (Mom) have been traveling around the US and playing at various well known festivals and venues since 2004. Embarking on their own adventure now, Paige Anderson & The Fearless Kin features strong sibling harmonies with vocal styles resembling music from the Appalachian Mountains and powerful original songs. “Every so often in the sea of folks playing and learning every instrument imaginable, a talent emerges that sets the bar for others to come. I believe Paige Anderson is one of those talents…” –Chuck Ragan