Windy Hill – The Lucky Horseshoe Band – Knuckle Knockers

  • July 11, 2019
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Windy Hill is an energetic band that shows sincere enthusiasm for traditional bluegrass music. Rarely does one find such a group of talented young musicians that genuinely capture the essence and the true grit of bluegrass. Ryan Breen (banjo) and Henry Warde (mandolin) formed Windy Hill in Fort Collins, CO in the fall of 2008, where they began learning and leaning towards bluegrass’ traditional side. Ryan and Henry have since moved home to their California roots in the San Francisco Bay Area, acquiring another long-time friend – Kyle McCabe (bass) — upon their return and eventually reforming Windy Hill. Yoseff Tucker (guitar) joined Windy Hill in May of 2010. The boys had been looking for the right guitar player for the “hoss unit”, and after meeting Yoseff and playing with him for the first time, they all knew he was a perfect fit. Finally, Ella Naiman (fiddle) completed the Windy Hill puzzle in July of 2010, adding the missing element and contributing to the band’s hard-driving sound. Immediately evident at Windy Hill’s performances is their excitement for bluegrass music and the fun that they have with it; the band coined a popular phrase within the California bluegrass scene that truly expresses the band’s nature: “Hammer Down and Keep It Nailed.”

The Lucky Horseshoe Band  The Lucky Horseshoe House Band is set to anchor Bernal Heights on the San Francisco Bluegrass map forever! The first band that Eric Embry has put on stage since The Burning Embers, The Lucky Horseshoe House Band will thrill you with a range of bluegrass and classic country material and an exciting traditional instrumentation rarely seen in the Bay Area. Since opening the Bernal Heights bar and founding the weekly Sunday Bluegrass jam over a year ago, Eric has been dreaming of the day that some of the best talent on the West Coast would be brought together on the tiny stage of The Lucky Horseshoe. On Valentine’s Day, dreams can come true! Don’t miss Eric, Nicole Solis, Larry Chung, Bill Foss, Doug Holloway, Julay Brooks and Randy Odell singing and playing their hearts out to you.

Knuckle Knockers  Hailing from the hayseed neighborhood of Bernal Heights in San Francisco, The Knucs stoke the fires of the Appalachian music tradition to give you a glimpse of the past through the eyes of the present, with voice, fiddles, mandolin, guitar and 5 string banjo. Tunes and songs, like you like ’em! Not only that . . . our debutante recording (in an antique form known as a CD) has been with us for over a year now, and is getting gooood reviews and lots of radio hairspray, er, I mean airplay . . .