12th Annual San Francisco Bluegrass & Old-Time Festival Feb 12-21

General Committee
Tom Lucas - Chairperson/Web Guru
Jeff Kazor - Co-Founder / Booking Assistance
Hilary Perkins - Fundraising
Elizabeth Smith - Publicity
Ken Frankel - Booking
Toby Switek - Booking
Dave Berry - Ad Sales
Jennifer Kitchen - Operations

Hellman Family Foundation
Sereti Foundation
Thanks to all who attended our fundraiser, to Shelby Ash for organizing it, and to the bands that performed: Hang Jones, Walking in Sunlight, The Earl Brothers, and Possum & Lester.

Very Special Thanks to:
Chuck Poling, Emcee Coordinator
Shelby Ash - Booking Assistance
John McKelvy - Poster Design
Tanya Pinkerton - Publicity Assistance
Robert Burrows - Writing
Morey Garelick - Copy Editing
Mike Melnyk -- Photography

Additional thanks to:
Northern California Bluegrass Society, Steve Baker, Peter Barnato, Tom Diamant, Ray Edlund, Peter Thompson, Mary Tilson, KALW, KPIG, KPFA, and all our amazing volunteers!