The Earl Brothers – The Creak – The Juncos

  • July 11, 2019
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The Earl Brothers — San Francisco’s best kept hillbilly secret. Once in a lifetime one will come across that one stand out band. One that gives you chills every time you listen to their music. A band you find yourself going out of your way to catch all of their live shows. A band whose logo you have tattooed on your arm or tramp stamp. A band you promise to name your first born after. The Earl Brothersare that band. It’s been ten plus years since they started working on a style that has become their unique trademark — modern-day outlaw mountain hillbilly music. Sure that’s a long name, but the Earls are worth every word.

The Creak play acoustic music rooted in the bluegrass and folk tradition, with hints of blues and punk elements sneaking in to give them a sound both new and old. The Creak’s energetic performances and visible onstage chemistry inspire dancing, singing, and stomping, leaving audiences feeling elated to have taken part in such fun. Their brand-spankin’ new CD is out now. Pick up your copy today. It will change your life!

The Juncos rip their way through the American roots music landscape in high-energy style. The Santa Cruz-based Juncos are a down-home band that is more throwback than revival. With an appreciation for the acoustic life and a gather-’round-the-mic-y’all recording style, this is a group that understands the strength of a good song and how to let it stand on it’s own.