The Alt-Bluegrass Show

  • July 11, 2019
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The F**king Buckaroosformed in 2004 in San Francisco and play what they call “Punk Rock Americana”. Both their originals and their interpretations of country/folk/bluegrass standards, are often riotous, profane and filled with trouble, toil and bloodshed; but they also reflect a deep sense of compassion, hilarity and a demand for social justice. The Buckaroos will make you want to fight, fornicate, laugh and cry, all at the same time.

Big Jugs (Santa Barbara) are controversial, semi-offensive, but always humorous and not afraid to say it: They love big jugs. The boys of Big Jugs love a number of other things, too, but due to strict codes of ethics, those things can’t be listed here. Nevertheless, their special brand of alt-bluegrass ain’t no novelty act, it’s honest-to-goodness goodness.

SUPERMULE (San Francisco) is a strange breed. A collective of the finest pickers and singers the Bay Area has to offer, culled from a wide range of musical scenes, from bluegrass to jazz to classical to funk. The band uses the forms and melodies of American roots music to explore common ground and celebrate diverse musical backgrounds. The result is a refreshing bluegrass ruckus- ancient tones merging with the moxy of jazz and bravado of rock ‘n roll. The band is; Jim Chayka (banjo), Rich Armstrong (trumpet), Alisa Rose (fiddle), Yoseff Tucker (guitar), Zach Sharpe (bass), Michael Carroll (drums).