Brian Judd

  • July 11, 2019
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In this hour and a half intermediate player workshop, Brian Judd will focus on how to build powerful solos on songs and tunes. Special attention will be paid to playing in B & Bb, which scare some players. Fear no more! Brian will share special scales, arpeggios and a melodic approach that will help you feel at home even when your favorite song in the key of A gets called in B!

Brian Judd  Brian started playing bluegrass as a child 40 years ago. He began with the banjo and guitar then moved quickly into mandolin, which has been his primary focus the past fifteen years. He currently plays mandolin with the David Thom Band and has shared the stage with many of the genre’s finest. Brian has ventured into many musical genres, including performing gypsy jazz with the Hot Club of San Francisco, running an eight-piece dance band, directing adult and youth choirs. But the love of bluegrass is the home base to which he always returns.