Blue Ribbon Showcase

  • July 10, 2019
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Progressive bluegrassy collaboration projects hailing from the living rooms and tour buses of top tier traveling musicians. This is hot and innovative music du jour, don’t miss out!

James Nash and the Nomads  James Nash is no stranger to musical diversity. As at home with Charlie Parker and Bill Monroe as he is with Django Reinhardt and Jimi Hendrix, the accomplished guitarist embraces the potential challenges of playing multiple genres with both joy and aplomb. Nash’s broad vocabulary, both as scholar and stylist, has led to a genre-bending approach that has served him well for a decade as a lead guitarist, singer, and songwriter for the eclectic and virtuosic Americana ensemble, The Waybacks.

Tonight James takes the stage with The Nomads, an ambitious collaboration of musical luminaries featuring acclaimed bassist Jon Evans(Tori Amos), extraordinary keyboardist John R. Burr (Alison Brown), and renowned drummer Scott Amendola. This will be an evening of daredevil acoustic escapades you won’t want to miss!

SUPERMULE is a strange breed. As a collective of players culled from a wide range of musical scenes, this San Francisco-based band uses the forms and melodies of American roots music to explore common ground and celebrate diverse musical backgrounds. Strings. Keys. Brass. Beats. The result is a refreshing bluegrass ruckus–ancient tones merging with the moxy of jazz and bravado of rock ‘n roll. Formed in 2011, SUPERMULE features a rotating cast of skilled and intrepid musos who channel and transcend their native genres–creating a sound that is audaciously eclectic and uniquely traditional.