What is French Roulette in Casino Online?

Roulette is so popular in casino online sites but you need to know where to bet since not all places offer the best odds and low house edge. Roulette is no doubt considered as the popular casino game. It is the only one game that uses wheel as the media while other games use card, number or machine. Roulette is also popular in casino online sites. Many people try out their luck on this game so they could get the best result. Most people say this is the luck game and you can in it if you have the best luck. However, you can at least know your luck if you can bet on the right place in this game.

The Benefit of French Roulette in Casino Online

You might be so surprised and also amazed to see so many casino games in one casino online site they can offer to you. You may not only find new games but the classic table games are always popular in the site and online casino may offer the multiple versions ot it such as Roulette. If you live in different country, you might find another different version of Roulette. If you live in America or US, then you might find only American Roulette on it. The main characteristic you can see it double zero.

If you live around Europe and perhaps Asia, you might find European Roulette with single zero as the main characteristic in this game. However, you know the origin of Roulette is from France. That is why, you also need to know one type of it which is French Roulette. Many people think European and French Roulette are the same but actually it has slight difference. However, you can see the method is the same. Basically, it is not the popular version of Roulette game but it offers great benefits too.

For those who play with real money, French Roulette is good. As you know, the American Roulette has the average return around 94.75% of the placed bet. Meanwhile, you get the higher average return if you play European Roulette with 97.30% and the French Roulette is on the top of the return with 98.65% of the placed bet. That is why, you can choose this game if you want to get the advantage. However, it is hard to find this version and you need to look for the special sites.

The Differences between French and European Roulette in Casino Online

In terms of method to play, French Roulette and European version is the same since you may see around 37 spots to bet. The main difference you need to know is La Partage Rule. This is the condition where zero is landed or drawn on any spin, the players who have already placed the even money will get only half of the bet instead of losing it all as you might experience in other variations of the game. If players bet on Red/Black, odd/even or more, it is better for you to choose French one if this casino online game is available on the ibet-888.asia site.

Within this game, you may know about the call bets. Somehow, those are not offered in another game since they are not found on the Roulette layout actually. Players may call out the bet and they will give the chips to croupier. The call bet which can be made may include the neighbor bet. Another difference you might see from this game is also the table layout. All the numbers on the layout are described in white. However, the Black and Red numbers don’t change at all just like other version.

Players may simply need to hover over the number to see the color and the betting options on the game will be presented in French style. Apart from bet changes and rules which are mentioned before, the French Roulette is just like the European version. French Roulette is perhaps known as the most useful and beneficial to all players who place the even money as the bets since you still can get half of the bets returned to you. It is the game that might extend the bankroll and offer chances to win the game.

Though the game might not be so popular widely, you still find it in Microgaming provider and the players can also see and know the wide ranges of betting sides with this game. You just need to place the bets in the right sides so you can avoid the game. If you have more confidence in casino online, you can choose the single number but it is better to choose something easy to guess instead of challenging your luck like that.