Hump Day Bluegrass

  • July 10, 2019
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The Trespassers, from the foothills of Yosemite National Park, have been playing original, string band music together for six and a half years. The most logical way to categorize their music is Americana, but their influence stems from many genres. Bronco Ben Goger’s (guitar) songwriting is gritty and gutsy, and, though they are acoustic musicians, his compositions explore rock, blues, gypsy jazz, and country. Andy Robert’s (banjo) original songs are most often inspired by old-time music, but instead of an Appalachian feel, they have a Western twist. Andy also writes melodic banjo and fiddle tunes, heartwarming folk songs, and all sorts of dancehall numbers. While the two of them write almost all of the original music, BennyLee Friedrich and Sarah Cupery Ottley add spice, flavor, and flare with the double bass and fiddle. Most songs include two and three-part harmonies, since all the band members sing. Listeners: prepare yourself to dance, sing, and be inspired!

Windy Hill is an energetic band that shows sincere enthusiasm for traditional bluegrass music. Rarely does one find such a group of talented young musicians that genuinely capture the essence and the true grit of bluegrass. Ryan Breen (banjo) and Henry Warde (mandolin) formed Windy Hill in Fort Collins, CO in the fall of 2008, where they began learning and leaning towards bluegrass’ traditional side. Ryan and Henry have since moved home to their California roots in the San Francisco Bay Area, acquiring another long-time friend – Kyle McCabe (bass) — upon their return and eventually reforming Windy Hill. Yoseff Tucker (guitar) joined Windy Hill in May of 2010. The boys had been looking for the right guitar player for the “hoss unit”, and after meeting Yoseff and playing with him for the first time, they all knew he was a perfect fit. Finally, Ella Naiman (fiddle) completed the Windy Hill puzzle in July of 2010, adding the missing element and contributing to the band’s hard-driving sound. Immediately evident at Windy Hill’s performances is their excitement for bluegrass music and the fun that they have with it; the band coined a popular phrase within the California bluegrass scene that truly expresses the band’s nature: “Hammer Down and Keep It Nailed.”

Snap Jackson & the Knock On Wood Players  Snap Jackson & the Knock on Wood Players are an acoustic quartet hailing from Stockton, California. These four gentlemen effortlessly blend Americana, Bluegrass, Soul, & Old Time Music to create a unique, fresh, and energetic sound. It is obvious from the moment this group takes the stage that they are ready to have a good time. They have played with such notable acts as Darol Anger, Bill Nershi, Megan Lynch, Greensky Bluegrass, Bill Evans, and the James King Band, just to name a few. Whether it’s a street corner, theatre, house concert, or outdoor festival, these boys are sure to leave a lasting impression.

This unpretentious all-acoustic string band from the mountains of southern West Virginia play with an authenticity rarely heard in these times. BrownChicken BrownCow StringBand blends old-time fiddle music with shades of gypsy, folk, jazz, celtic, and bluegrass to deliver a fresh sound with a driving rhythm and sophisticated melodic arrangements that provoke audiences across the country to rave about their talent. Xander Hitzig (lead vocals, fiddle, guitar, and tenor banjo) writes many of the songs along with Justin Morris (vocals, guitar, bass, five-string banjo), Orion Hitzig (vocals, mandolin, claw hammer banjo, spoons), and Matt Del Olmo (vocals, bass, guitar, 5-string banjo). The string band is exciting to watch as they play waltzes, reveries, reels, and stomps, and join the audience in drinking and merriment. The familiar becomes strange, and the strange familiar; a tension rises up in the playful songs, and there is an edge to even the most romantic themes. The band moves from romping jigs and swinging dances to seductive ballads, uniquely styled covers, and wholly original songs about love, relationships, coal miners, tragic murders, driving with red glasses, and storms that won’t drown out their sound. This is music the entire family can enjoy.