Pam Brandon (AKA Belle Monroe)

  • July 11, 2019
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So you want to be a singer? In this hour and a half workshop,Pam Brandon (AKA Bell Monroe) will help you take the first step to find and unleash your inner diva or divo.

Pam Brandon (AKA Belle Monroe)  Pam has over 30 years of vocal performance experience in various genres, mainly folk, bluegrass, blues, jazz and swing. She had orchestral, choir and musical theater experience through school and college and has worked both solo and in bands, both touring and non-touring. Pam is currently involved in several working band projects, including singing and playing guitar in the 13-year veteran San Francisco bluegrass band, Belle Monroe and Her Bluegrass Boys (playing SFBOT on February 15th) and as a vocalist in the Americana band 77 El Deora. Although she plays guitar, upright (string) bass, fiddle, piano and is an experienced arranger, her focus for this workshop is on and vocal performance coaching, particularly for beginners who have a dream!