Bass Workshop — Mostly Bluegrass

  • July 10, 2019
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For this hour and a half workshop, we’ll start with basic bluegrass bass concepts: Alternating lines, walk-ups, working on time, defining the note, playing in a jam situation. Move on to moderate: Keeping your band on the beat, staying tasteful, slapping. Then advanced: Gossiping about banjo players! We’ll focus on bluegrass but also discuss and practice how country, swing and rockabilly styles (sometimes) fit in as well. Group photo with as many basses as possible!

Tom Drohan is a co-founder of long-lived local bluegrass stalwarts Belle Monroe and her Brewglass Boys. Over the past twenty years he’s played bluegrass bass with the Toodala Ramblers, the Atlas House Band, and Jeanie & Chuck’s Country Round Up; as well as country/honkeytonk with Gayle Lynn and the Hired Hands, the Shut-Ins, Jimbo Trout and Fall City Five; swing with the Chazz Cats, rock and acoustic folk with innumerable others; and once snuck on stage during a performance by the San Francisco Bass Orchestra.