Workshop: Sex, Drugs, and Earl Scruggs

  • July 10, 2019
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We will be getting at the essence of bluegrass banjo. We will review some simple rolls and go over basics on the Earl Scruggs method. Slow Banjo: What the heck do you do when the tempo drops? How to accompany singers and take breaks when its too slow to roll. Old Time Fiddle Tunes for Bluegrass Banjo: Tired of those square two part bluegrass tunes? We’ll arrange a crusty old fiddle tune using a combination of Scruggs and melodic style.

Cory Goldman┬áhas been playing banjo for several years with the Water Tower Bucket Boys, performing regionally and internationally, and is now a member of Portland’s own Jackstraw. He came to three finger banjo via melodic clawhammer style and still loves to play old time fiddle tunes, although bluegrass is slowly taking over his life. Influences from jazz guitarists, Cajun pedal steel players, old time fiddlers, and mandolin pickers give his banjo playing some unique flavor.