12th Annual San Francisco Bluegrass & Old-Time Festival Feb 12-21
Alt-Bluegrass Show
8:30 pm Saturday, February 19, 2011
Cafe du Nord21 and older show
2174 Market Street
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“We never wanted any of them ladies to get killed. But they kept on bleeding and Willie kept on stabbing, so, well, I reckon we HAD to write a song about it.” This is how the members of The Pine Box Boys explain their continued harassment of those lonely ladies of the American Murder Ballad. Buried in unmarked graves, their ghosts have been called out to in song for more than two centuries. No face, no form, only lonely names—Polly, Sally, Maggie, Eleanor. With no regard for decency, The Pine Box Boys have raised these poor haints again through new songs of unforgivable deeds, guilt, and loathing. She is repeatedly shot, stabbed, cut, and ground into powder by a nefarious collection of bad men. The Pine Box Boys have been hollering these unsettling and provocative songs at audiences on four European tours and repeated tours all across these here United States. The Pine Box Boys are Lester T. Raww (guitar, vocals) Alex "Possum" Carvidi (banjo, vocals), Col. Timothy Leather (bass), and S. "Your Uncle" Dodds (drums).

'If Flogging Molly drew their inspiration from Appalachia, rather than Ireland, you’d get Old Man Markley, a Los Angeles nine-piece who spike their bluegrass with punk spirit and an anthemic, fist-in-the-air attitude. They play traditional instruments (fiddle, banjo, washboard, mandolin, harmonica) and offer rich boy/girl harmonies, but the lyrical tone (on the new CD) have more in common with Black Flag than Nickle Creek.' —Chris Parker, Alternative Press.

OMM’s debut CD “Guts N’ Teeth” (Fat Wreck Chords) hit the shelves in mid-January and is getting some great reviews, but not by the folks you’d expect -- it’s like getting punched in the face by Ralph Stanley, or at least smacked in the teeth with his banjo. It’s raw, it’s rough, it’s big city folks playing homage to old-time mountain music. It’s a hell of a record! —Shelby Ash of The Music Store

Old Man Markley features Ryan (washboard), Johnny (guitar, vocals), Nick (banjo, vocals), Alex (mandolin), Joey (bass, vocals), Blake (drums), Annie (autoharp, cowbell, train whistle, kazoo, nose flute), Todd (harmonica) and Katie (fiddle).

Kemo Sabe  A wild acoustic trio that play what they call "modern-day campfire songs" with the bare-wire energy of punk rock. There's mandolin, a beat-to-shit upright bass, acoustic guitar, and calamity. At times fast and furious, at other times soft and sweet, they kick around a variety of genres from bluegrass to klezmer, to rock n' roll. Playing such diverse venues as street corners, Taco Bell, musical saw festivals, and punk rock clubs, they've developed a reputation for zany stage antics and solid picking and slapping.

The best Americana songs all have one thing in common: someone has to get shot. Hang Jones front-man, Stephen Grillos took this to heart when writing the songs for their debut album, "The Ballad of Carlsbad County." What began as a collection of bluegrass inspired country-rock songs evolved into a Western Outlaw-themed story album complete with hangings, gunfights, love, sex, and revenge.