SF Live Arts & SFBOT Present – Jackstraw , Water Tower Bucket Boys, Brothers Comatose

  • July 10, 2019
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Jackstraw  Bluegrass fans, round up your cowboy hats and dancing shoes, Portland’s finest bluegrass band, Jackstraw, is coming to town. Jackstraw plays fast, but the band never sacrifices musical depth and feeling with showmanship. Jackstraw was born when rhythm guitarist Darrin Craig and lead player Jon Neufeld met mandolin picker David Pugh and bassist Jess Withers in 1997. Four records later, the band has toured the U.S., playing roadhouses, listening rooms, clubs and festival stages.

Turns out that the Pacific Northwest is a bubbling cauldron of activity in the folk music world. Leading this vibrant community of square dancers and bluegrass fanatics, The Water Tower Bucket Boys have a unique vision of traditional music in a brand-new century. They know the roots of the music inside and out and have stayed up through many an all-night picking party. But don’t forget that they’ve been raised on raging punk music just as much as Tommy Jarrell, and half the band have received jazz degrees in university. Put that together with the wanderlust of youth that has carried them throughout Europe and across the US, and you get their wildly eclectic vision of folk music for the 21st century; dominated as much by psychedelic music and punk rock as old 78 recordings and toothless fiddle masters. The Water Tower Bucket Boys bring a no-holds-barred approach to the music in their attempt to share the joy and exuberance of American folk traditions with a new generation.

The Brothers Comatose have deep roots in late night jam sessions in living rooms, on porches and street corners. For well over a decade, Gio (vocals, standup bass), Joe (mandolin, swords) and brothers Alex (vocals, banjo, lead guitar, beard) and Ben (vocals, guitar, foot tambourine), have been passionately delivering the music they love for friends, fans, and anyone who happens to be within earshot. With the addition of Philip on fiddle, The Brothers Comatose have rounded out their string band lineup that brings a Comatose twist to traditional American musical styling. You won’t be sitting in your seats twiddling your thumbs when the Brothers take the stage. They’ll draw you in and get you stomping, drumming, hooting and hollering for more.