Sex Fist, Dark Hollow

  • July 10, 2019
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Sex Fist  Guitarist Clutch Johnson and banjo player Chuck Oakton met each other in early 2001 when, during the talent portion of the Mr. Universe pageant, both contestants played the same song. The song was Bill Monroe’s ‘Real Life Blues’ and, embarrassing a moment though it was, an instant friendship was formed. They began playing as a duo, and then in the summer of 2002 Jeffrey Chestnut, with whom Oakton had worked in the adult film ‘Shotgun Charlie,’ began sitting in on fiddle. Finally, in May 2003, bass player Bradley Longwood blackmailed his way into the band and Sexfist was born. They have since taken Chicago by storm, amazing audiences with their high-energy, hard-driving picking and angelic harmony singing. Sexfist has won numerous awards and accolades including Third All-Time Highest Score on the Golden Tee game at the Oasis in Rogers Park, a citation in June 2005 by Officer Reginald A. White for disorderly conduct, and a 2007 Franky nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Clutch Johnson(Guitar), Bradley Longwood (Bass), Jeffrey Chestnut (Fiddle), Chuck Oakton (Banjo).